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Shepherds Care Ministries, INC.




Mark 6:31  "come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."



From the beginning, SCM has sought to be an encouragement to pastors and their wives, as well as to the churches in which these people serve. Year around we provide retreats for pastors and full-time christain workers,along with their wives, to get away for a few days. We know there are times when those in ministry need to meet with the Lord in stillness or solitude where God can provide rest, refreshment, reflection, renewal and redirection for their souls.  If you are a pastor or know a pastor who needs a personal retreat, contact us.  These retreats are offered at no cost to the pastors and wives. (Please give us at least two week's notice.)


We "R" about ....Rest, Refreshment, Reflection, Renewal and Redirection for those in ministry.


These goals are accomplished though:


  • Pastor Retreats  -  These are held in June and October, at no cost to pastors and their wives. They begin on Monday evening and conclude Friday morning. At present, these retreats are hosted by The Shack, a wonderful bed and breakfast facility near Fremont, Michigan. The Shack is a ministry in and of itself!   These retreats are true  "retreats" - we do not schedule anything during the retreats. The time is yours for rest, refreshment, reflection, renewal and redirection.


  • Two-to-Three day Personal retreats  -  We have a growing network of cabins, apartments, cottages, and Christian camps where a pastor or an entire family can relax. The only cost is furnishing their own groceries.


  •  Church and Pastoral Counseling  -  Our Director is called upon by pastors and ministries in need of encouragement and direction from time to time.


  •   Pulpit Supply  -  Our Director is available to fulfill a variety of speaking ministries in churches, Bible and        Missionary Conferences, Evangelistic meetings, etc.


Here are comments from some of those who have attended one of our retreats.


  •    "I didn't realize how much we needed time away. Initially I looked at it as unnecessary but I was wrong."


  •     "The time to be quiet and listen brought clarity of thought and a renewed commitment to seek His face and              smile."


  •     "Low key and relaxing, not a huge agenda, but lots time for us."


  •     "It was an amazing opportunity just to get away, meet with God, His people, and nature. It was all so wonderful,      we wanted to stay another day and hang out with our new friends."


  •     "Before coming to the retreat, I thought my problems lay with the Church or my wife. But this time of solitude          and restoration showed me I was the one in need."


  •      "I have a renewed dependence on the Holy Spirit's control. Hearing the testimonies of others present                    strenghthened our knowledge of God's provision and leading in our lives."



It is our prayer at Shepherds Care Ministries, Inc. that GOD will provide rest, refreshment, reflection, renewal and redirection to our lives.


Shepherds Care Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit ministry. Donations are tax deductable.


If you would like to support us financially or with prayer, please fill in the contact box, on the contact us page.  So we can add you to our mailing list.
















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