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Newsletter from Bob & Bette Pycraft

Mark 6:31

Here are some of the happy refreshed couples that attended a retreat this Summer/Fall. Some of the testimonies included; “enjoyed the relaxed schedule, time of rest and fellowship and meeting new friends. I was encouraged to keep up my relationship w/God and my wife. I enjoyed the sensitivity to each persons need. We have made changes in our lives/ministry because of our time here.”

One of the needs I was made aware of this time was the depression that some pastors face at retirement. Some may be depressed for two years if they do not make some kind of plan for life after pastoring. The emotions are strong as they lock the door to the church for the last time or find themselves sitting in the congregation after 30 or 40+ years of ministry. This Fall, we looked at selected chapters of the book The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero. The challenge was to balance our relationship with God and the service we do for God. We also considered our lives as soul keepers and how we minister to the souls of our precious flocks. As we considered taking our day off, we pressed further to practice the principle of Sabbath Rest.


Something I was reminded on retreat, that I should remember everyday is the presence or nearness of the Lord. Marv shared a few words with us of how God provided this property to him and how he wanted this to be a place where each person coming to the Shack might be aware of God’s presence. In reading of Jacob’s dream in Gen. 28:16, it states “the Lord is in this place and I knew it not.” (Also see Phil. 4:5 and Luke 24:31) Sometimes we get so busy or self-sufficient that we miss His presence and peace. God is working all around us and through us and when we know the Lord is present, we experience a delightful sense of peace.

We continue to enjoy God’s blessing and provisions.

Here are a few praises.

God has provided two new pastors to our board to come alongside and help in the ministry.

We had some medical bills due Oct 1 and God provided funds to meet that need.

We had added one new church to our support team.

We have added another Get-A-Way location on a farm just north of MT. Pleasant.

We are seeing impact on lives of pastors as we build relationships through our retreats.




Bob’s Schedule

Pastor if you are going on vacation or would like us to share our ministry with your church, we would be happy to fill in the pulpit.


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                  "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31


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