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Words From The Better Half

      Bette Pycraft


                           Encouraging Your Pastor's Wife



    Healthy pastors are vital to the development of thriving churches, strong communities, and healthy families.  But caring for your Pastor means caring for your Pastor’s wife and children too.  In many ways she has the most difficult role in the church.  Remember Pastors are special, but a Pastor’s wife is a blessing.  Here are some ways to be an encouragement to her.  Tell her:

  1.   I am praying for you.  We love you.

  2.   Thank you for sharing your husband with us.

  3.   Thank you for sharing your lives with us.  We love you.

  4.   I do not want anything from you but your friendship.

  5.   Let me help.  We love you.

  6.   You have such great kids.

  7.   Let me know if you need anything.  We love you.

  8.   I overheard this compliment.  “You are a success at ( insert career choice).”

  9.   I really missed you this morning.

  10.   How do you feel?  We love you.

  11.   We appreciate what you bring to the church.

  12.   We would love to put you on staff so you can serve the Lord full time.

  13.   Here’s a gift card for you and your husband to have a date.

  14.   I would like to keep your children as often as once a week so you and your      husband can spend time together.

  15.   We love you and we love your husband.

  16.   Thank you for all you do.

  17.   Your marriage is such an inspiration to me.

  18.   Can I take you to lunch?  We will not talk about church, and I have no complaints.  I just want to spend time with you.  (Let her know up front there is no agenda so she won’t worry about it.)


                      "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."  Mark6:31



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